Coffee, Headline News- Kavanaugh, Weed, Twitter

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Headline news this morning.

Coffee, Headline News- Kavanaugh, Weed, Twitter

Good morning. Time for some coffee and headline news as you run out the door. What’s going on today?

Brett Kavanaugh

What Kavanaugh calls “character association,” the rest of the country calls sexual assault. Yesterday Kavanaugh did a first; he interviewed with the media as a nominee for the Supreme Court.

If you are wondering when Ruth Bader Ginsburg did her interview, or Justice Scalia or Kennedy, don’t bother with a Google search, it’s never been done before and Fox News of all places.

You think El Presidente was behind that one?

Of course, Kavanaugh proclaims his innocence but no mention of the FBI investigation which would be the honorable thing to do.

Kavanaugh also says he won’t withdraw his nomination. Of course not, he knows the GOP has his back at all costs.

Weed Conviction in Seattle?

In a legally significant and historic move, the State Attorney’s Office in Seattle is looking to overturn convictions dating back to 1996 on marijuana related charges since marijuana has been legalized.

Other states have been following suit and definitely more will suit. I would recommend consulting with a criminal attorney in your area to confirm any changes in the law.


Twitter launched a campaign to increase participation and registration for the 2018 midterm elections. Great idea. Everyone that is legally able to vote should be registered and voting.

NRA (National Rifle Association)

There’s the spreading of fake news and then there is making up facts to suit your narrative. Oliver North, yeah that Ollie North, the President of the NRA, said yesterday that the reason accusers have come forward against Brett Kavanaugh is because of his support for the 2nd Amendment.

Think about that- not abortion and Roe v. Wade, not employee rights, not the fact that maybe he is a sexual predator, but because of guns.

With President Obama gone, the NRA has to come up with another angle in fearing people into becoming NRA members.

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