Coffee Headline News- The Judge and The Judge

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Enjoy your coffee on this lazy Saturday morning.

Coffee Headline News- The Judge and The Judge

Saturday mornings and coffee. Does it get any better? Well Sunday I guess, but for now, this is all we got.

It was crazy yesterday with the news and today will be no different, so let’s review the headline news.

The Supreme Court Show

Only two Republicans are needed for Kavanaugh to kiss his career goodbye.

Thanks to Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona and two women who confronted him, Kavanaugh has another hurdle, and it’s a big hurdle; an FBI investigation.

Yesterday, President Trump who spoke very nice of Dr. Blasey Ford ordered the investigation and limited it in scope and time to one week.

This comes after Yale Law School, Kavanaugh’s alma mater stated publicly the FBI should investigate, as well as the American Bar Association.

Mark Judge

Judge was placed in the room by Dr. Ford. Judge has gone into hiding as of late and has made clear due to depression, anxiety and addictions, he does not want to testify publicly, but will cooperate with the FBI.

Stormy Daniels

Remember when porn star Stormy Daniels was arrested at a strip club and within a couple of days the police dropped the charges since it seemed she was set up?

Well, now those police officers are being investigated by the FBI. I keep saying everyone is getting a dose of political karma.

The Russia Investigation

The House has agreed to release documents pertaining to the Russia probe. The transcripts include interviews with Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowski, Michael Cohen, Hope Hicks, Roger Stone and longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner.

President Trump Has a Problem

A judge has ruled that President Trump can be sued by Democrats on the Emoluments Clause which prohibits doing business with foreign countries and entities. Why is that important?

Besides the fact it might cut off Trump financially, it allows for documents related to the case to be reviewed. What kind of documents? Tax returns!

Stay a bed a little while longer and enjoy your coffee.

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