Coffee, Morning Headlines, and Fear

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Coffee, Morning Headlines, and Fear

Good morning, brew that coffee, sit at the kitchen dining table, and let’s go over today’s headline news.

President Trump and Bob Woodward

Murder of character on the Trump Train. All President Trump cares about today and is making his staff care about is who wrote that anonymous op-ed for the New York Times.

Trump even tweeted TREASON?

Trump even used a previously scheduled public appearance with police officers to say that it was a “gutless” move and now is advocating for a change in libel laws. Great idea. He would be bankrupt in one week with all the libel and slander he has done. Staffers are even trying to go back in their word time machine to look at who uses certain words.

Who did it? I would put my money on Don McGahn, White House Counsel. Jeff Sessions I have felt from the beginning has not quit because he does believe in the law and its principals. But, he is a part of the “inside resistance” no doubt.

Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

Today marks day three of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. Yesterday, we witnessed a dozen more interruptions by protesters and Kavanaugh dancing around the issue of a Presidential subpoena. He did state that Roe v. Wade is settled law.

Rally the Troops

Nothing intoxicates President Trump more than a rally. Today, he will be at a rally in Billings, Montana where no doubt there will be “lock her up” chants, attacks on the media as the enemy of the people, and because of the New York Times Op-ed piece, Trump can jump off the deep end and talk about fighting the deep state. He already tweeted that he is draining the swamp and the swamp is fighting back.

President Trump’s second visit to Montana is in support of Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

We made it past the hump, so hang in there since Friday is around the corner. See you throughout the day.

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