Coffee, Morning Headlines, Full Disclosure with Stormy Daniels

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Good morning. Enjoy your coffee and headline news.

Coffee, Morning Headlines, Full Disclosure with Stormy Daniels

It’s not Friday yet, but we are getting there. Let’s take an extra minute to enjoy our coffee and go over the headline news for this morning.


Full Disclosure by Stormy Daniels

The storm is coming. I knew from the beginning that Stormy Daniels would be one to not go away and be a thorn in President Trump’s side.

“Full Disclosure” is Daniels’ tell all book on President Trump and boy is she ever. Anything she says goes viral, even comparing the President’s penis to the mushrooms in the video game in Mario’s Kart.

Never f### with a porn star.



Magnum PI Off the Board -NRA

Tom Selleck has served on the board of the NRA for thirteen years but is stepping down. The NRA- National Rifle Association quickly spoke out and said Selleck stepping down has nothing to do with policy, but that is he is busy and was always inactive on the board.

If he’s always been inactive, then nothing has changed, why step down now? And he’s busier today than ever before?


Facebook and the Elections

I’ve written endlessly on the issues of the midterm elections getting hacked. It’s a serious problem as spreading misinformation is enough to sway someone’s political opinion. Lately, I’ve seen if someone posts a photo or article that is fake, Facebook itself is posting a “fact check” article from Snopes.

Now, Facebook has hired 10,000 additional employees to beef up their security for the elections. Too bad our President hasn’t taken hacking seriously as he still thinks a 400 lb. man is responsible for everything.


President George W. Bush

President Bush supports Brett Kavanaugh as a pick for the Supreme Court. No surprise there. Kavanaugh worked in the Bush administration.


President Trump and the Environment

I don’t know if you know this, but President Trump is destroying the environment amongst other things. President Trump’s administration finally rolled back the Obama-era limits on methane gas leaks.


I’ll Huff, and I’ll Puff, and I’ll Blow This Wall Down

Actually, there is no wall to blow down and there never will be. The President who loves to threaten Congress and the American people with a government shutdown, lost again. Of course, Republicans know better than to do a government shutdown with the midterm elections weeks away.

The government is funded through December 7 and I guess Mexico’s check for construction of the wall got lost in the mail.

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