Coffee & Morning Headlines- Kavanaugh, Protests, Justice Stevens

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It’s been a long week, so sip your coffee extra slow today.

Coffee & Morning Headlines- Kavanaugh, Protests, Justice Stevens

We made it through the week. It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, but, we are here and we can thank good tasting coffee. So, grab a cup and let’s review this morning’s headline news.

Protests for Judge Kavanaugh

Hundreds were arrested yesterday in protest of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which included actor and comedian Amy Shumer and model Emily Ratajkowski.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens

We are seeing lots of first with Kavanaugh. For one, his Fox interview. Then came his op-ed with the New York Times where he defends himself as an impartial judge. Now, we have a retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice speaking out as well.

Justice John Paul Stevens spoke out against Kavanaugh. Justice Stevens said originally, he felt Kavanaugh was qualified, however, Stevens now believes Kavanaugh has showed “potential bias” and his temperament is at issue as well.

I keep saying that even if it were a traffic ticket judge, behavior like that of Kavanaugh’s would result in action by the state bar.

Professors Don’t Want Kavanaugh

2,400 law professors have signed a letter opposing Kavanaugh because of his temperament and partisan bias. Harvard Law won’t have Judge Kavanaugh back in the Spring term for teaching either. I wonder if Judge Kavanaugh has given thought to the fact that the rest of his life there will be an asterisk next to his name?

Today’s Vote on Brett Kavanaugh

Today at 10:30 a.m. a vote is scheduled. If confirmed, then the next step is to take the vote to the Senate floor.

Senator Steve Daines from Montana has already stated he would vote for Kavanaugh, but cannot attend a Saturday morning vote since his daughter is getting married. The vote could be pushed to Monday.

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October 4, 2018

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Coffee and Morning Headline News-  SCOTUS Sham, TPS, LGBTQ, Presidential Alerts

  • Republicans, led by Senator Mitch McConnell, continue to push the Kavanaugh appointment through after a limited FBI investigation
  • A federal judge rules against the Trump administration and TPS – Temporary Protected Status
  • Anti-LGBTQ rule prevents diplomats from receiving visas for their loved ones if they are not legally married
  • The National Alert or the Presidential Alert System is already in the courts on a lawsuit focused on First and Fourth Amendment rights

October 3, 2018

Coffee and News- the Draft Dodging, Mocking POTUS

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  • President Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford
  • Vote Democrat if you are tired of winning says President Trump
  • More arrests for riots at Charlottesville Rally
  • Mueller is wrapping up the investigation
  • President Trump is a tax cheat per New York Times


October 2, 2018

Coffee & Morning News- Kavanaugh, Cops, the Media is the Enemy of the People

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  • Kavanaugh was involved in a bar fight
  • The one-year anniversary of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting
  • President Trump say’s he will get money for his border wall
  • Trump attacks two female reporters
  • Kavnaugh and the secret text messages


October 1, 2018

Coffee & Morning Headlines- FBI, Kavanaugh, Beto, & Las Vegas

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  • The FBI investigation on Brett Kavanaugh is already controversial
  • A new witness speaks out against Kavanaugh
  • Willie Nelson performs a concert for Beto O’Rourke
  • NAFTA is gone
  • The one year anniversary of the Las Vegas Mass shooting


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