Coffee & Morning Headlines- RBG, AG, and Tucker Carlson

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Have a cup of coffee with the Notorious RGB.

Coffee & Morning Headlines- RBG, AG, and Tucker Carlson

It’s Friday and we deserve more than coffee, but at least that is how we will start the day. Like always, there is plenty to go over, so let’s do this.

The Notorious RBG

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized for having three fractured ribs after a fall in her office. Cause for concern? Of course, she’s eighty-five years old, but then again, let’s be clear, RBG is a bad ass. She’ll go back to planking next week.

A Constitutional Crisis in the Works

With Jeff Sessions gone and replaced by Matthew Whitaker as the acting Attorney General, are we facing yet another constitutional crisis? Maybe. Protests occurred yesterday and the hashtag #ProtectMueller was trending. When have you ever seen this country protest over a special counsel? Start with never.

In addition, attorney generals from 18 states have signed a letter for Whitaker to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation. Whitaker has been very outspoken against the special counsel. Rumor is Chris Christie is on the short list for Attorney General.

The Jim Acosta Trap

There was a time that the “perjury trap” was the all the talk, now it is the Acosta trap. Did President Trump set this whole thing up with Jim Acosta to get rid of him and continue with the media is the enemy of the people rhetoric? Maybe, who knows. But one thing for sure, a trap has been set. If the media fights back, they are the enemy. If they remain quiet, they become doormats. I’m guessing they won’t be quiet. It’s their job to be anything but quiet.

Brian Kemp

And the new governor of Georgia is….. we don’t know yet, but Brian Kemp says it is him and has resigned from his position as the Secretary of State. Kemp is actually in charge of supervising the elections that he was a part of. Criminals must be asking themselves wtf? Why can’t they be the judge, jury, and executioners of their own trials.

Tucker Carlson

Protestors known as Smash Racism DC, stood in front of the Fox News host’s home earlier this week. There are reports that property damage occurred such as a cracked door and the group has presented photo evidence on Twitter showing otherwise.

I don’t know what to make of this as a man’s home is his castle, but then again, the protestors do have a right to be there as well and people are fed up with those that spread fake news. Then again, if you don’t spread fake news, those that think you do, will do the same in return. The proverbial catch-22. Crazy times we are living in.

It was another long week, but the weekend is almost here, so take an extra-long sip of your coffee and see you later. Have a good one.

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