Coffee, Morning Headlines, Trump and Dr. Ford

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Enjoy your cup of coffee and today’s headlines.

Coffee, Morning Headlines, Trump and Dr. Ford

Good Saturday morning to you. How is that coffee? Make sure to pick up more at the grocery store this weekend as we get ready for today’s morning headlines.

$500 Million More for Deportation

With a King’s ransom being spent on enforcing immigration policies, the Trump administration is shuffling money around to make up for the loses.

So far, close to $500 million overall has been moved around, which means money from other programs is being taken away, including funds for cancer research.

More Associates of Roger Stone

Robert Mueller has met with eleven people associated with Roger Stone. This time it was Jerome Corsi who was the bureau chief in Washington, D.C. for Alex Jones’ Infowars.

I Take it Back- President Trump

Now President Trump is walking back his statements and Tweets about declassifying documents related to the Russia investigation. Apparently, the DOJ (Department of Justice) advised against release of the documents.

Really? The first day Trump threatened to release classified documents I thought to myself that’s a no-go and very dangerous as it pertains to National Security. God help us.

Christine Blasey Ford

Dr. Ford gets more time. The Friday deadline has been extended by Senator Chuck Grassley and it seems Dr. Ford will get to testify at some point next week. Still, nothing on the FBI investigation.

Immigration Protests

In New York, attorneys for Legal Aid are protesting daily by walking out of court.

Nineteen years practicing law and I’ve never seen this before. It reminds me of all the books I’ve read about attorneys fighting for the rights of African-Americans during the Civil Rights era.

President Trump and Christine Blasey Ford

The President that knows no boundaries, tweeted that why didn’t Dr. Ford and her “loving parents” report the assault before. As you can imagine, the response was outrage by the media and social media, with the hashtag #WhyIDidntReport trending all day.

Multiple female celebrities have come out with their stories on why they didn’t report sexual harassment and/or assault and even law enforcement officials have publicly stated that sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes.

Finish up that coffee as you prepare for Saturday morning chores, a day off, and if you are going to work, have a good day.

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