Coffee, Morning Headlines, Walls and Singing

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TGIF and coffee.

Coffee, Morning Headlines, Walls and Singing

We made it. We survived another week. Sit back, enjoy your coffee and let’s review what is going on in the news today.

Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Called Out in the Senate

A couple of days ago I wrote an article on Donald Trump, Jr. seemingly mocking Christine Blasey Ford in an Instagram post. Say’s a lot about the first family, doesn’t it? Now, even Arizona Senator Jeff Flake spoke out against mini-me on the Senate floor.


He’s Singing

It’s Karaoke night every day in Robert Mueller’s office. Reports are that Michael Cohen has met with the Special Counsel multiple times.


Let’s Wall it

President Trump wants walls everywhere. It’s the answer to every immigration problem the world has, or so he thinks.

In a meeting with Spanish diplomats, Trump suggested building a wall along the Sahara and when his statement was met with skepticism, he said there was no way their border could be longer than the Mexico border. There’s just one problem: Spain doesn’t border the Sahara.

The world keeps laughing at us.


Mass Shooting

There was a mass shooting yesterday in Syracuse, New York. Not a lot is known at this time, but we do know one of the victims was an eight year old girl.


Brett Kavanaugh

What will Republicans do today regarding the deadline arbitrarily set by Senator Chuck Grassley? Christine Blasey Ford through her attorney already agreed to meet in the future with Senators, just not on Monday and has requested multiple times that the FBI complete their investigation.

You know that’s what liars do, right? They put witnesses in the room and request the top investigative branch in the world to investigate their lies.

Hillary Clinton and President Trump

Hillary Clinton made a prediction on Rachel Maddow’s show: after the midterm elections, President Trump will be firing everybody. You know what, she’s right.

Sneaky Stephen Miller

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Trump Administration capping the amount of refugees entering the country at 30,000. How did this happen? Because Miller held the meeting without the higher ups like Mattis and Pompeo present that oppose the idea. By the way, can you believe Miller is only 33 years old and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is only 36?

Have a great day and even better weekend and keep checking in throughout the day for updated posts on subjects that affect you.

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