Coffee, Morning News, Fake Trump Supporters

president trump rally, #plaidshirtguy, trump supporters
Coffee and Saturday morning news.

Coffee, Morning News, Fake Trump Supporters

Good Saturday morning to you. Grab your favorite coffee mug, find that favorite spot of yours, and let’s review this morning’s headlines.

Trump’s Fake News and Fake Supporters

At his rally in Billings, Montana, with the crowd of supporters behind him, on live television there was a high school student who seemed to be mocking President Trump by making faces. He’s become an instant social media sensation and even has his own hashtag #plaidshirtguy.

Trump’s team didn’t like the faces, so he was asked to leave along with his two friends that didn’t seem interested at all in what Trump had to say and were replaced with two good looking women that seemed very enthusiastic. Want to talk about paid supporters?

President Barack Obama

Yesterday, President Obama spoke at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and will continue to hit the campaign trail up through the mid-term elections. Watching him speak yesterday was like watching Tiger Woods play golf, then watching me. You don’t know what you have until it is gone.

“We’re supposed to stand up to discrimination and we’re sure as heck supposed to stand up, clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathizers. How hard can that be? Saying that Nazis are bad.”- President Obama.

Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

After a week of protesters interrupting the confirmation hearings and Cory Booker releasing classified emails that may result in expulsion from the Senate, the hearings came to and end. Realistically, Republicans have the votes needed to confirm Kavanaugh, but in all reality, there never should have been a confirmation hearing to begin with.

New York Times Op-Ed

The anonymous op-ed in the New York Times written by a Senior White House Official has President Trump unhinged to put it mildly. A laundry list of players has come out to say they didn’t write the article. Now think about how crazy this administration is when the Vice President and the First Lady have to come out publicly and say “it wasn’t me.”

But, it gets better. Reporting indicates that now Trump wants to give polygraph tests to his staff. I wish the President would take a polygraph.

Enjoy your Saturday and see you throughout the day.

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