Coffee & Morning News- Kavanaugh, Cops, the Media is the Enemy of the People

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Good morning. Let’s share some coffee over today’s morning headline news.

Coffee & Morning News- Kavanaugh, Cops, the Media is the Enemy of the People

Where would we be without coffee? I don’t even want to think about it. Ready for today’s headline news?

Kavanaugh- the Reality Show That Won’t Go Away

More and more persons and stories continue to come out on the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanauh.

I’m still wondering when Kavanaugh is going to withdraw his name from the nomination. We must be close.

Now, per a Yale classmate, Kavanaugh drank a lot more than he led to believe and there was even an incident he threw beer in someone’s face at a bar that resulted in an arrest.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting. In total, there were fifty-eight deaths, four hundred thirteen wounded, and four hundred fifty-six injured trying to flee the massacre.

President Trump Still Wants His Wall

During a press conference to discuss the new Mexico-Canada- U.S. Trade Deal, President Trump said he will get $1.6 billion for the construction of the wall before the end of the year. No he won’t. Then again, many believe that President Trump already started construction on the wall.

Donald Trump Attacks Two Female Reporters

Taking questions from reporters, President Trump called upon Cecilia Vega. There was a brief pause because Vega had to stand up and turn around to get the microphone. Trump says “she’s shocked that I picked her. Like in a state of shock.” Vega responded by saying “I’m not, thank you, Mr. President.” But, President Trump most likely heard her say “I’m not thinking.” Trump’s reply? “That’s OK, I know you’re not thinking, you never do.”

Text Messages- Kavanaugh

If Brett Kavanaugh is a choir boy- I’m a saint.  NBC News is reporting that days before Deborah Ramirez’s story went public, Kavanaugh’s team was texting friends and acquaintances of him according to documents obtained by the Republican Judiciary Committee. If you don’t see the coverup, remove your pro-Trump glasses.

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