Coffee, Morning News, the Supreme Court and Mueller

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Coffee and today’s headline news.

Coffee, Morning News, the Supreme Court and Mueller

Good morning to you, and welcome to another edition of morning coffee with summaries of today’s headline news. What to look for today?


Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing of Brett Kavanaugh

Yesterday, we witnessed a confirmation hearing like never before. While watching it on t.v., I think within a half hour there were at least thirteen interruptions by protestors, and the tension between Republicans and Democrats cannot be cut with a machete.



The Robert Mueller Investigation

There may not be a voluntarily meeting between President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but, it’s being reported that Mueller’s team will accept written answers to their questions.


Google and the Russians

It seems Google was set up by a watch dog group that claimed it was Russian trolls and were able to post divisive advertisements with Google.


North Carolina Gerrymandering Case

An appellate court in North Carolina ruled that while the congressional map is unconstitutional, there is not enough time before the mid-term elections to re-district the map, which would favor Republicans.


John McCain’s Seat

Former Senator Jon Kyl was appointed by Governor Doug Ducey to take over late John McCain’s seat until January.


More Attacks on Jeff Sessions

Our poor embattled Attorney General continues to take a verbal beating by President Trump. According to legendary journalist Bob Woodward whose new book “Fear” is coming out on September 11, 2018, President Trump called Jeff Sessions “mentally retarded” and a “dumb southerner.”


Upset in Massachusetts

Ten term U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano was beat by Ayanna Pressley in Tuesday’s State Primary elections, and since there is no challenger on the Republican side for the mid-term elections in November, Pressely will become the first black woman elected to Congress in Massachusetts.

Have a good rest of the day and we will see each other throughout the day.

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