Coffee & News- Love Child

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Coffee in honor of a fallen Presidency.

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Coffee & News- Love Child

It’s our first Saturday edition of Coffee and News, so take your time, there’s no rush.

Diana Ross and President Trump

The same way you cannot walk away from an NBA game for three minutes in the last quarter is the same way you cannot go to sleep with this administration. You could miss six months of news with six hours of sleep.

AMI/ American Media Inc., the parent company of the National Enquirer has once again surprised us with the dirt they have on President Trump.

It was just a few days ago that we found out that chairman David Pecker signed an immunity deal with Robert Mueller and that Pecker has a safe full of goodies. What now? AMI released a Trump Tower doorman from his confidentiality agreement. What’s the big deal?

The President had a “Love Child” three years ago. Love child- never meant to be… catchy jingle.

Now, there are some issues with this story. The doorman’s ex-wife claims he lies about everything. Okay, I will tell you that is normal after having practiced family law for two decades, but, the National Enquirer says they didn’t do “catch and kill” because the story lacked credibility and that’s why it was never published.

So, why was he paid and a contract signed?


Omarosa Manigault

Say what you want about Omarosa, but, she outplayed the President at his own game. It’s called Karma.

“I have the truth on my side as well as a hundred emails and documents and other things.”

Omarosa wants to testify before the Senate and Trump’s impeachment trial. More publicity to sell books? Most likely, but you have to admit, we want to hear the juicy details.


Melania Trump


I know people felt some sort of sympathy for her in the beginning of Trump’s presidency, but why? She voluntarily put herself in this position. Fact is, any woman would have filed for divorce by now.

She wants to stand for something especially for the #bebest movement, standup for yourself before you can stand up for others.


GOP Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter wins the award of douchebag of the year. Facing campaign finance law violations who does he blame? His wife! Way to go Duncan. Thirty years from now when your children are afraid to attach themselves emotionally to anything, you’ll know why.

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