Coffee, Riots, Hurricane Florence

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Coffee with a view of the coastline of North Carolina.

Coffee, Riots, Hurricane Florence

It’s Thursday morning, so time for some good coffee and headline news.

President Trump Not “Inciting a Riot”

You know that First Amendment thing that most people love until the speech affects them somehow, then they look for ways to restrict it, like taking a knee during a football game?

Well, no one has abused the First Amendment more than President Trump and he did so again, this time with a court ruling in his favor.

President Trump was sued by three protestors at one of his rallies for “inciting to riot” because there were physical altercations between supporters and protesters.

However, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said President Trump’s words were protected by the First Amendment because he did not specifically advocate violence.

Paul Manafort

New reports continue that Paul Manafort is looking to strike a deal in his second case. As I have said before, he better offer something really good because he is definitely in no position to negotiate.

President Trump & Latest Polls

New polls are out on President Trump and most have his approval rating slipping while that of Robert Mueller’s rising.

The latest CNN poll conducted by SSRS, has Special counsel Robert Mueller’s approval rating at 50% and President Trump’s approval rating at 30%.

Hurricane Florence is Here

Hurricane Florence will be arriving late tonight or early tomorrow. There is some good news in that it has been reduced to a Category 2 hurricane, but that is still maximum sustained winds of 110 mph.

The eye of Hurricane Florence is expected to pass over the South and North Carolina coastline.

In my lifetime, I have had to deal with Hurricane Andrew, Katrina and Wilma, and Hurricane Irma. All four did major damage to my home, my pocket book, and my income.

Last year after Hurricane Irma, I said enough and four months later I was living in Saint Augustine, leaving behind a law practice after nineteen years and my mother.

I say this because I cannot stress enough hurricane warnings. Understand that many injuries and deaths occur way after the hurricane has left.

Get your supplies ready and wait it out in safety. This isn’t the time to do anything stupid.

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