Coffee, Today’s Headlines and More

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Coffee and Today’s headline news.

Coffee, Today’s Headlines and More

Back to the grind. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, but it’s Monday, and that means load up on the caffeine as we review today’s morning headlines with a cup of coffee in hand.


Les Moonves CBS

Les Moonves, the head of CBS has resigned after countless of accusations of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment.



Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Senator Sasse said he thinks of leaving the Republican party every morning. Any minute now President Trump will start attacking Sasse on Twitter.


Roger Stone

Agent Provocateur and soon to be arrested in the Mueller probe, Stone spoke at a conference where he referred to Attorney General Jeff Sessions as the “Keebler elf” and an “insubordinate hillbilly.” And yet, the Republicans want to discuss civility.

Note to President Trump- keep insulting Sessions. They love him in Alabama and thanks to you, you are turning it to a 100% blue state. I’ve always said that Trump would affect politics for decades, here’s one example.

Kim Kardashian

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a law degree. Besides myself that has minimal experience in criminal justice especially criminal justice reform, there are untold tens of thosuands if not, more qualified than me to discuss this topic, but none of them are reality tv stars like Kim Kardashian, so she gets to meet with President Trump to discuss criminal justice reform.

I wouldn’t be surprise if he gave her top position in the White House.


In the book by Bob Woodward titled “Fear,” Woodward tells a story of how a tweet would have been interpreted by North Korea as an imminent attack. Smh…

Vice President Mike Pence

Vice President Pence has stated publicly he is sure no one in his office wrote the New York Times op-ed piece. Risky move on his part that could backfire on him “bigley.”

In addition, Pence stated he would speak with Mueller if requested. Strange that Pence would speak to Mueller voluntarily and not President Trump.

Finish up that cup of coffee and have a good Monday.

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