Corruption and Chaos at the White House

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Corruption, Chaos, Backstabbing, Recordings, Convictions, Just Another Day in the White House.

Corruption and Chaos at the White House

Nothing to see here. Move on. Look- squirrel!

Guilty Pleas

  1. George Papadopoulos- Foreign Campaign Adviser
  2. Michael Flynn- Former National Security Adviser
  3. Rick Gates- Former Trump Campaign Official
  4. Richard Pinedo- sells fake accounts to Russians
  5. Alex van der Zwaan- Dutch Lawyer
  6. Michael Cohen– former personal attorney for President Trump


Convicted without a Plea Deal

  1. Paul Manafort– Former Campaign Manager



Fired from President Trump’s Administration

  1. Sally Yates- former Deputy Attorney General
  2. Michael Flynn
  3. James Comey- Former Director of the FBI
  4. Rich Higgins- National Security Council
  5. Derek Harvey- picked by Michael Flynn to be a member of the National Security Council
  6. Reince Preibus- former White House Chief of Staff
  7. Anthony Scaramucci- former White House Director of Communications (I think ten days).
  8. Ezra Cohen-Watnick- picked by Michael Flynn to be member of the National Security Council
  9. Steve Bannon- former White House Chief Strategist
  10. Omarosa Manigault Newman- reality tv star and former White House Aide
  11. Andrew McCabe – former Deputy Director of the FBI
  12. John McEntee- former personal assistant to President Trump investigated by Secret Service for serious financial crimes.
  13. R. McMaster- former National Security Adviser
  14. Michael Anton- former Senior National Security Official
  15. Tom Bossert- former Homeland Security Adviser
  16. Nadia Schadlow- National Security Adviser. Was also with the Hudson Institute. (see also Russia Ratcheting Up Hacking Our Mid-Term Elections).


Cabinet Officials Forced Out of Office

  1. Tom Price- former Secretary of Health and Human Services
  2. Scott Pruitt- former head of the EPA
  3. Rex Tillerson- fired via Tweet and former Secretary of State
  4. David Shulkin- former Veteran’s Affair Secretary that was either fired or quit- depends on who you ask.



  1. 12 Russians
  2. Representative Chris Collins (see also President Trump’s Inner Circle of Corruption).
  3. Representative Duncan Hunter- indicted as of yesterday. Republican in House of Representatives and one of the first supporters of President Trump’s candidacy.

So many witches, so little time.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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Source compiled in part by CNN.

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