Date of Separation- Why It’s Important to You- Kevin Dillon’s Divorce

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Kevin Dillon, the star from HBO’s show “Entourage,” is getting divorced. At issue- he says they separated on October 10, 2008 while his soon-to-be ex-wife said in divorce pleadings they were separated on May 29, 2016. Why is this an issue?

Date of Separation

Clients tell me all the time we separated on such and such date, but still live in the home together. Well, that won’t work in court whether for child support or alimony. In Florida, if you are still in the same household, the Court is likely to rule your separation is on the date one of you left the marital home, not sleeping in separate beds. The same applies to alimony.

Kevin Dillon states a date of separation eight years earlier than his wife claims. Depending on the state, the length of marriage will affect alimony. Thus, why his wife claims they separated in 2016.

In his case, his wife, Jane Stuart is claiming they were intimate, spent time together, and went to premiers together, which would be easy to prove. But in your case, it may not be, so keep that in mind.

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