Day One of the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

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Protesters Handmaid’s Tale on Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Win McNamee, Getty Images

Day One of the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Vince McMahon must have been watching the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh with envy. The only way to describe yesterday’s chaos could be by saying we have never seen anything like it.

Maybe, the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, but even then, viewers were listening in to hear the gossip tabloid stuff like “long dong silver” and Anita Hill’s testimony. Other than that, it was a snoozer.

In total, seventy people were arrested for causing disruptions during the confirmation hearings. In about a half hour, I counted thirteen interruptions by protesters. I watched most of the hearing and to say this isn’t politicized, really?

Kavanaugh wore well his smug smile every time a Republican spoke and made him out to be this great guy that loves youth basketball. And when Democrats started talking, it was time for Kavanaugh to look down and start taking notes, looking more like the guy at a staff meeting pretending to be busy.

The Friday Night Paper Massacre

Chuck Shumer took to Twitter on Saturday morning to complain about the amount of documents that President Trump’s administration claimed Executive Privilege on and Democrats were not able to view. More than 100,000 pages are MIA.

Hours before the hearing, 42,000 pages were released. Ever read 42,000 pages in a night?

Democrats came out swinging from the beginning, demanding that the hearings be delayed and continued to state over and over that they did not have all the documents. They even have a hashtag #whataretheyhiding.

The Handshake That Never Was

Would you reject the handshake of a man whose daughter was killed in a mass shooting just because you don’t agree with his politics? Well, that’s what Brett Kavanaugh did to Fred Guttenberg, the father of Jaime who was killed in the Parkland Mass Shooting.

Guttenberg went up to Kavanaugh as a recess started with his hand extended introducing himself. They looked at each other eye-to-eye, and Kavanaugh buttoned his suit and headed out the door.

If Kavanaugh does not have the class to shake Guttenberg’s hand or the guts, then he’s not worthy of the highest judicial position in the land.

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