Deadly Car Accident With Seven Year Old Boy

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A seven-year-old boy was killed in a car crash between a car and pickup truck in Miami on Bird Road and 92nd avenue.

I’m very familiar with the area since I grew up less than a mile from where the accident occurred. It is a high traffic area and even worse, speeding seems to be the norm.

I purposefully avoid areas like that when either walking my dogs or jogging, or even bicycle riding because of the inherent dangers.

Miami-Fire Rescue said there were six people involved total in the crash with two of them being taken to trauma centers. One includes a three-year-old child who is in critical condition.

Per the Florida Highway Patrol, that child is Dasia Tomas and the mother is Yamileth “Yamy” Miranda. Her son passed away in the accident. His name is Christian Tomas.

Miranda was driving a Toyota Camry and the other vehicle involved was a Ford F150. A 14-year-old in the truck is being treated for minor injuries.

FHP said that Miranda turned left on 92nd Avenue before the truck and the truck crashed into the rear right side of the car. Inside the F150 was the driver Melissa Vasquez and her passengers were 25-year-old Rosa Exposito and 14-year-old Sabrina Martinez.

As an avid motorcycle rider trained by motormen and even donated hundreds of hours in teaching riders how to improve their skills, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of car accidents occur with cars turning left at an intersection.

Whether it is a driver distracted or their view blocked, always proceed with caution when arriving at an intersection.

When riding my motorcycle, I sway/serve my motorcycle within the lane so that the headlights are more visible.

In a car, I have my headlights on but make sure there are no vehicles obstructing my view because then they will not see me either.

Click here if you would like to help the family with funeral expenses and here is the GoFundMe.

Please drive carefully.

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