Debt Collection Agencies- Here is a List


Updated 9/17/2019

If you have received letters or phone calls from the following companies, these are debt collection agencies that purchased the debt from the original creditor, for example a credit card company, that will now seek to collect from you by filing a lawsuit in court.

Note that you should not ignore a Summons from these companies because if you fail to take action, they will get a default on your case and they may be able to:

  • freeze your bank accounts
  • garnish 25% of your wages
  • put liens on your personal property such as your car, motorcycle, boat
  • lien on your real property, including homestead property.

Who Are Some of the Debt Collection Agencies?

  1. Midland Funding, LLC. Also affiliated with Midland Credit Management, Encore Capital Group, Midland Funding NCC-2 Corporation, MRC Receivables Corporation, and Midland Recovery Corp.
  2. Portfolio Recovery Group
  3. CACH, LLC
  4. Bridgecrest Acceptance Corp.
  5. LVNV Funding, LLC

Law Firms Representing Debt Collection Agencies

  1. Zwicker and Associates, P.C., 10751 Deerwood Park Blvd., Suite 100, Jacksonville, Florida 32256
  2. Hiday & Ricke, P.A., PO Box 550858, Jacksonville, Florida 32255
  3. Lotane & Associates, 1980 Michigan Avenue, Cocoa, Florida 32922.
  4. Modlin Slinsky, PA 1551 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway, Suite 110, Sunrise, Florida 33323.
  5. Hayt, Hayt, & Landau, 7765 SW 87 Avenue, #101, Miami, FL 33173

How I Can Help You

There are several options available to you when being sued by a credit card company.

  1. The most obvious choice is pay the debt, but you should not do so until you have consulted with an experienced attorney as you may pay for a debt that you are not legally obligated to.
  2. File for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
  3. Negotiate with the creditors.

To find out which option is best for you, contact attorney Alex Hernandez for your free consultation.

Attorney Alex Hernandez

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