Democrats Take First Step Towards Trump’s Tax Returns

Since the President likes to say if they hit him, he hits back even harder, good luck doing that to the Democrats.

The Democrats aren’t wasting any time, except due to a four week delay on purpose by Republicans.

However, come Friday February 7th at 2 p.m., the House Oversight Committee will take their first step towards getting President Trump’s tax returns.

The scheduled hearing will focus on the Oversight Committee’s power to obtain Trump’s taxes through the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

Democrats from the House Bill Pascrell from New Jersey and Anna Eshoo from California are trying to pass legislation for future presidential candidates to disclose the last ten years of tax returns.

“Before 2016, presidential candidates routinely disclosed their tax returns,” Pascrell and Eshoo said in a statement.

“Donald Trump refused to clear that low bar, and as a result, the American people remain in the dark about the extent of his financial entanglements and potential conflicts of interest.”

Pascrell and Eshoo tried previously to obtain Trump’s taxes, but that was blocked by Republicans when they had control of the House. Here’s a question: why are they blocking access to Trump’s tax returns?

What’s Trump’s next move? Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has hinted at letting the courts decide in order to tie it up in litigation. Every move Republicans make is to delay everything that Democrats do and push everything to 2020.

But remember, the Emoluments Clause lawsuit are also pending and that is another way to obtain Trump’s taxes. The question that remains to be answered is does Mueller have the President’s taxes already.

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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