Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was a former U.S. Attorney in the District of Maryland. He was appointed Deputy Attorney General under Jeff Sessions after being confirmed by the Senate in April 2017.

Currently, Rosenstein is overseeing the Robert Mueller investigation since Attorney General Sessions recused himself.


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Rod Rostenstein Still at the Justice Department is a Sign of Mueller’s Investigation Ending

Rod Rosenstein remains at the Justice Department which could likely be a sign that Robert Mueller’s investigation is about to end.


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Rod Rosenstein Has One Foot Out the Door

Deputy Attorney General is expected to leave the Justice Department next month.


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Rosenstein Got Played with the Comey Memo

In Andrew McCabe’s new book due out later this month, he writes that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein believes he was set up to have James Comey fired.


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Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein is Ready to Leave

With Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein leaving, Mueller’s report is in jeopardy.


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Rosenstein, a Wire, and Obstruction of Justice

New reporting confirms that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wanted to remove President Trump via the 25th Amendment.


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Clinton and Lynch – Trump and Rosenstein

Today Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein went for a ride on Air Force One, reminiscent of Fredo going for a boat ride in the Godfather 2.


The Trump – Rosenstein Meeting

President Trump and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are meeting this week after reports had Rosenstein talking about invoking the 25th Amendment against Trump and recording him secretly.


More Secret Recordings, the 25th Amendment, Rod Rosenstein

The latest reporting has Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein considering wearing a wire to record President Trump and recruit other White House officials to invoke the 25th Amendment.


The Constitutional Crisis Be– Look! Squirrel!

Mark July 25, 2018 on your calendars as one of the darkest days in our democracy, where partisan politics and staying in office four more years supersedes the good of the country. The words of John McCain stand true today as much as ever: “country over party.”

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