Devin Nunes Not Even Supported by His Own Hometown Newspaper

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Republican Devin Nunes from California.

Devin Nunes Not Even Supported by His Own Hometown Newspaper

The Fresno Bee is the hometown paper of Devin Nunes. Since 2002, the Fresno Bee has supported Nunes, but not anymore as it has thrown its support behind Democrat Andrew Janz.

I’ve always considered Nunes a mystery, never understanding why his district was supportive of him. For one, his secret meetings with President Trump at the White House and the Russia investigation. Nunes went behind the back of the very own committee he chairs and while legally his actions do not meet the definition of treason, his behavior is treason-like. At the minimum it’s unethical and dirty politics that creates further partisan divide in a committee that used to be bi-partisan.

I had even written a post on it being over for Nunes come the midterm elections.

Then Nunes made overseas trips where he tries to talk with British officials concerning the Steel Dossier. I’m still waiting to see when investigative journalists will look at who paid for the costs of these trips. I hope not the taxpayers.

Finally, Nunes is notorious for avoiding his constituents, especially when it comes to town halls. And yet, Nunes still holds a nine-point lead over Janz. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) hasn’t backed Janz because they consider it a losing race.

In addition to the Fresno Bee, it is worth reading the article written by Ryan Lizza.

Lizza recently wrote an article for Esquire Magazine titled “Devin Nunes’ Family Farm is Hiding a Potentially Explosive Secret,” detailing the lengths of which Nunes’ family has gone to hide the fact that their farm has not been in California for more than a decade, but is actually located in Sibley, Iowa. Here’s a hint, there may be a lot of undocumented immigrants working the family farm.

Below are links to the Fresno Bee and Ryan Lizza article.

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