Did Michael Cohen Set Everyone Up

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Did Michael Cohen Set Everyone Up

Michael Cohen, affectionately known as Trump’s “fixer” at some point in time, continues to deny reports that he visited Prague in the summer. Reports of Cohen in Prague dates back to early 2018, but it wasn’t until recently that it hit the news cycle again.

Cohen’s tweet, seen below, was based on reports that his cell phone pinged off cell towers in Prague.

“I hear #Prague#CzechRepublic is beautiful in the summertime. I wouldn’t know as I have never been. #Mueller knows everything!”

In my post below, I did hypothesize that Cohen could just be denying everything per Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s direction. Then again, why say anything?

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Cohen, regardless of President Trump’s tweets calling him a “rat,” does know all of Trump’s dirty little secrets, and better yet, Cohen has been right in the past. Cohen did state there was a Letter of Intent signed for the Trump Tower Moscow deal.

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In addition, why would Cohen lie publicly, even though it’s not a crime, to further damage his credibility? He is a convicted “liar” meaning he made false statements to Congress, but why lie about this as well? If he serves as a witness against President Trump, he lied before Congress and now lied again publicly? His credibility would be zero! But, what if he is telling the truth?

Cohen has had an obvious change of heart when it comes to his prior role of representing President Trump and hiding information that could have arguably affected the 2016 Presidential elections.

If Cohen is now on a truth campaign, this only helps bolster his credibility, and remember, everything is documented so that if he were in Prague, it would be known. So who went if it wasn’t Cohen?

One person that comes to mind is Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s former CEO and accountant that is cooperating with Mueller thanks to an immunity deal. Weisselberg could have gone to Prague to work out financing details, but someone else has everyone talking.

Ivana, Trump’s first wife, was born in the Czech Republic, and her son, Donald Trump, Jr. spent a lot of time in Czech in his younger years and speaks the language fluently.

Could Cohen had given Don, Jr. one of his many cell phones to use as leverage down the road so that if Trump turned on him, he could blackmail his way into a pardon? It’s too late for that now, but that definitely is within the realm of probability. Think about it.

The purpose of Cohen having audio recordings of President Trump was to protect himself. If it were you, wouldn’t you approach the President and say “I have everything recorded and I can place Don, Jr. in Prague.” You certainly wouldn’t wait to you get arrested for this information to get out. The whole point of blackmail is to avoid getting that far in the first place.

Time will tell and as Cohen tweeted, #muellerknowseverything.

The video of Don, Jr. is below. Fast forward to about 4:30.

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