Divorce Fraud. You are Divorced and Didn’t Even Know

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The Miami Herald is reporting on a story on a man that divorced his wife and she didn’t even know about it. How did this happen?

Paul Nixon of Houston is accused of getting divorced from his wife without her knowledge by forging her signature on the divorce documents. As a result, Nixon is facing perjury and fraud charges.

In my experience, I’ve seen situations of fraud or getting divorced without the knowledge of a spouse with divorces by publication, meaning you do not know where your spouse’s current whereabouts are, thus, you proceed with the dissolution of marriage without the other party’s signature.

For example, you have been separated for a substantial period of time and have lost all contact and communication with your spouse. Or, you were married in another state and/or country.

However, the fraud comes in when in fact the Petitioner does know where their spouse is. Fraud is also seen when it comes to finances by having one of the parties not make a full financial disclosure, hiding their assets.

Thinking about filing for divorce or that fraud was committed in your marriage? Contact attorney Alex Hernandez for a consultation.

The full story with the Miami Herald can be seen via this link.

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