DNC Not Hacked- Update to Prior Post

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DNC Not Hacked- Update to Prior Post

Earlier today I posted a blog that the DNC (Democratic National Committee) was hacked. Now, the DNC has clarified this.

In reality, what happened was there was an unauthorized “simulated phishing test.” Thus, not a real hacking attempt, just a test not authorized by the DNC. That is great news because better safe than sorry.

“We have taken heightened steps to fortify our cybersecurity — especially as the Trump Administration refuses to crack down on foreign interference in our elections. In an abundance of caution, our digital partners ran tests that followed extensive training. Despite our misstep and the alarms that were set off, it’s most important that all of the security systems in place worked.” Brandon Dillon, the chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.

My original post is below and will be updated to reflect these latest results.

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