Don, Jr. and the Almanac Trial

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Don, Jr. and the Almanac Trial


In my profession, there is something called a moon question. A gotcha moment so named after Abraham Lincoln and his “Almanac Trial.”


Lincoln’s client was on trial for murder. In cross examining an eyewitness, Lincoln asked how the witness was sure that his client was involved in the murder. Even though it was nearing midnight and the witness was more than one hundred fifty feet away, he said the moon was shining bright that evening.

Lincoln’s follow up question was if it was a full moon, to which the witness answered yes. Lincoln showed the witness the almanac which had the moon that evening at less than a quarter full.

Donald Trump, Jr., already faced his moon question, and just like the eyewitness in the Almanac Trial, he perjured himself. Instead of Lincoln and an Almanac, it will be Special Counsel Robert Mueller and phone records.

There is no doubt that Don, Jr. would be asked if he spoke to President Trump about the meeting at Trump Tower. In this case, it was by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of course, to avoid the appearance of collusion, Jr. would say no, which he did, and that wasn’t smart because if it can be proven he lied, he will face perjury charges.

Don, Jr. also could have pleaded the 5th, but, that always makes one look guilty and in the real world of politics, that is a no-no, political suicide. Instead, he said “I don’t recall” or “can’t remember 186 times.

Regardless, rational thinkers would find it hard to believe that Don, Jr. didn’t speak to his father about the meeting at Trump Tower whether before or after. Don’t forget, two days before the meeting, President Trump announced he had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton that he was going to reveal. He never did reveal anything. Don, Jr. did make two phone calls; one before the meeting, one after, to a blocked number. Take a wild guess who he could have called.

While the Senate Judiciary Committee didn’t go that extra step in subpoenaing additional phone records, it is safe to say that that Mueller has, and at a minimum went as far back to day one of the campaign. Then we will see how many times a day Don, Jr. calls the President at both his cell phone and blocked number in his residence at Trump Tower.

At this point, things aren’t looking good for Don, Jr. He has a pending divorce which I give him credit for not litigating, but, he can’t even go to the airport without bumping into Mueller. Talk about awkward.

I’m actually shocked that President Trump hasn’t tweeted about the airport coincidence, typing in all caps: THE WITCH HUNT FOLLOWED MY INNOCENT SON TO THE AIRPORT. DEMS DIRTY. WILL ORDER INVESTIGATION.

President Trump of course has denied knowledge and/or conversations related to the meeting. Here is your shovel, Mr. President. It even has a gold handle.

Rumor is Cohen was there when Trump was advised of the Trump Tower meeting. Only question is if there are any tapes? To our knowledge, there are a hundred tapes.

Another card has been removed from the house of cards.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex


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