Donald Trump, Jr. – Come on Down

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we knew Donald Trump, Jr.’s time was coming.

In a previous post, I blogged on how Don, Jr. signed one of the checks to Michael Cohen as reimbursement for Stormy Daniels’ hush payment. That no doubt opens the door to a criminal investigation.

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Now that Cohen has produced eight checks so far in the Daniels’ scandal, it seems that Don, Jr. has to set aside a date to testify before Congress who has a renewed interest in the President’s son since he previously testified that he knew “very little” about the Trump Tower Moscow deal.

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That statement completely contradicts Cohen’s statement and say what you want about Cohen, he has proven credible since he pleaded guilty.

Cohen had said there was a signed letter intent on the Moscow deal which Giuliani denied, then both he and President Trump had to backtrack. I know, that’s nothing new with Giuliani.

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By the way, somewhat ignored by the media and maybe even Congress, there was not only one Trump Tower project in Russia, there were two!

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Per Cohen’s testimony, there were approximately ten briefings or conversations with Don, Jr. and Ivanka Trump about the Moscow project.

Looking forward, Ivanka may be asked to testify, but without prior testimony, it is unlikely.

However, I would believe that Jerry Nadler who heads the Judiciary Committee, is likely to also send Ivanka a document request like he has for Don, Jr. and Eric Trump. Nadler is pursuing information on eighty-one individuals and entities. That list can be seen below.

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