Donald Trump, Jr. Has a Special Counsel Mueller and Adam Schiff Problem

Adam Schiff is now the House Intelligence Committee Chairman and that’s bad news for President Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. and Roger Stone.

Schiff has taken to the media no doubt in a Trump-like move to give the President a heads-up and tighten the screws on him and the rest of his cronies. Thus, prepare yourself for President Trump to ratchet up the “witch hunt” rhetoric and continue his public meltdown(s) as he knows Mueller is getting closer and closer to Don, Jr.

Schiff in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” made clear he is handing over to Special Counsel Robert Mueller testimony transcripts, a move that Devin Nunes was always blocking and begs the question why?

“We hope, as one of our first acts, to make the transcript of our witnesses fully available to the special counsel for any purpose, including the bringing of perjury charges, if necessary, against any of the witnesses, but also to see the evidence that they contain and help flesh out the picture for the special counsel. We also really immediately went to work in reaching out to private institutions to lay the foundation to get records as soon as our committee is constituted.”

At issue for Don Jr. is if he lied about the Trump Tower meeting. Calls were made to an anonymous blocked number just right after the meeting and guess who has a blocked number in their residence?

It would be almost impossible to believe that a meeting to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton at Trump Tower in an office below Trump’s residence while he was there was not discussed, especially considering Don, Jr. was there, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn.

And remember, the story on what that meeting was about and who was present has changed more times than Trump has tweeted “witch hunt.”

If Don, Jr. lied about the meeting before the House Intelligence Committee, you can guarantee that Special Counsel Mueller will come after him with a perjury charge or more, pushing the President’s back against the wall of corruption that surrounds him.

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In the next few months, maybe even weeks, expect explosive revelations especially now that Mueller will get cooperation with the Democrats taking over the House. It is believed that a report by Mueller will be released by February, but Special Counsel Mueller was just granted a request to extend the grand jury for another six months.

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