Donald Trump, Jr. is Such a POS

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Donald Trump, Jr. is Such a POS

I thought I would never say this, but Eric Trump doesn’t seem like such a bad guy after all, but that’s because he tends to keep his mouth shut. My personal belief is that he was smart enough to take a step back from his father and the family business to avoid any criminal liability.

Regardless, of President Trump’s children, Don, Jr. is the most active politically including on social media. Fact is Don, Jr. is a mini-me of the President. They look the same and share the same mannerisms.

My issue with Jr. is simple: you are the son of the President of the United States, act like it. But then again, look at how his father acts and reacts, especially with his Twitter explosions. Don, Jr. is no different.

Constantly on my Twitter feed his posts show up. He’s constantly attacking comedian Kathy Griffin and while I understand why, she’s not the only one. And trust me, any woman of prominence, especially in Hollywood, he attacks.

Of course, like his father, we know Jr. is a fan of Fox News, hell he’s even dating Kimberly Guilfoyle and likes to bash CNN calling it “fake news.” He also makes outrageous statements and claims like the Democrats are going to start a war.

However, my issue with Jr. which is many, is like his father, while they yell “fake news” at the top of their lungs, they are the first ones pushing fake news. Neither of them care about spreading misinformation or fact checking as long as it fits their narrative and when it does, it’s not fake.

In the latest go around of people using memes to validate their point, there is a photo of CNN’s Anderson Cooper that has gone viral. Cooper is standing in waist high water and the caption is that it is fake news because that is an old photo that has nothing to do with Hurricane Florence. No one from CNN said the picture was recent. The photo is a decade old.

By the way, how is Cooper lying to the people? Because he went deeper down the road? So you are telling me the water is higher in some areas and lower in others? Is that breaking news? If that is fake or exaggerated, drive your car through where Cooper is standing and let me know what happens.

Lying would be creating a hole to stand in to give the illusion that the water is deeper than it actually is. Look around, the entire neighborhood is flooded. But, one idiot with a decades old photo who doesn’t fact-check posts it, and the followers that don’t care about fact checking either share and re-share the photo until everyone, even the President’s son is yelling fake news.

The good news? I saw on Facebook someone sharing this picture criticizing Anderson Cooper and Facebook actually put a fact checker link to Snopes.

I keep scratching my head on how the era of having information at your finger tips has led to people being informed on a minimal basis.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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