Donald Trump Jr.’s Mystery Phone Call Doesn’t Add Up

Before and after the Trump Tower meeting that was set up between Russians and multiple members of Trump’s campaign which included Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and Donald Trump, Jr. to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, there was a lot of speculation on who Don, Jr. called that was a “blocked number.” Add me to that list of those speculating and guess what, I still think there is more to this story.

President Trump’s residence has a blocked number and the meeting took place on the floor below his residence while he was there.

From day one President Trump said he knew nothing about the meeting, a hard pill to swallow considering it was top officials in his campaign. The other option is that they were highly incompetent which is a defense they will fall back on when the time comes.

CNN is reporting that records obtained by the Senate Intelligence Committee showed that the calls were made to two business associates: NASCAR chairman Brian France and Vector Group C.E.O. Howard Lorber. 

Lorber is a longtime friend of the Trump family who is tied into the Russian real-estate market. Up to now, we never heard those names mentioned which begs the question why didn’t Don, Jr. or President Trump just say their names?

They held on to the story to ultimately discredit the media? That doesn’t make any sense. They really can’t discredit the House and Senate Intelligence Committees until they obtained the phone call logs not to mention this would be irrelevant in a court of law.

In the grand scheme of things, this really is not a big enough deal. And it is only in reference to calls. There could still be emails, conversations, etc…

None of this makes any sense starting with Republicans and Devin Nunes who were blocking access to the phone records? Why? Couldn’t Don, Jr. just tell Nunes who he called?

And why did President Trump dictate the media statement regarding the meeting if there was nothing there from the beginning? If President Trump was not at the meeting and knew nothing about it, he should be the last person dictating the statement to the media.

It seems like a lot of trouble to cover up something that is a nothing in the first place, not to mention the narrative and who was at the meeting changed multiple times. Again, why?

Don, Jr. couldn’t remember in his testimony who he called before, during, and after the meeting? He didn’t even know if his father has a blocked number at his residence? Even that is hard to believe especially considering he has access to his own phone records.

In addition, calls could have been made from another cell phone. Think of Michael Cohen who keeps swearing he did not visit Prague but apparently, his cell phone went on a trip without him.

Time will tell what comes out of this, especially why the calls were made to Lorber and France, but again, it just doesn’t add up.

Alexander Hernandez
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