Don’t Vote for Virginia Republican Candidate GOP POS Corey Stewart

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Rick Shaftan, consultant for Corey Stewart, GOP Virginia Facebook post.

Don’t Vote for Virginia Republican Candidate GOP POS Corey Stewart

The GOP POS posts are becoming a weekly occurrence, but if you are POS, I will call you out on it. Now, the latest to join the GOP POS club is Corey Stewart, Candidate for Senate and Republican from Virginia and his campaign consultant, Rick Shaftan.

Shaftan is a HUGE POS and so is Senator Stewart for letting Shaftan’s racist and disgusting social media posts to continue.

A month ago, CNN wrote an article on Racist Shaftan saying that John Lewis, Representative of Georgia was a #PompousAss and “so what has John Lewis done besides get beat up 50+ years ago?”

How important was Rosa Parks? “Give me a effing break. How about PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY?”

The Daily Beast reported that Shaftan called the majority of black cities “shitholes.” I bet you Shaftan doesn’t have the cojones to walk into Liberty City in Miami with his Twitter Tough Talk, unless he wants to get “shafted.”

Now, Racist Shaftan picks on the late John McCain. McCain’s resume speaks for itself so no need to compare it to this racist loser, but this is what he said about McCain.

On his Facebook page, Shaftan posted “POS [piece of shit] even in death,” along with a link to an article that Palin wasn’t invited to his funeral. Silly me- I thought before you die, you are allowed to make these decisions. Racist Shaftan proceeded to say “she was the only reason millions of Americans voted for this loser.”

It’s no wonder I call the GOP Group of Psychopaths. And for the record Shaftan, John Lewis could still kick your racist ass and so could Cindy and Meghan McCain.

Below is Candidate Stewart’s Contact information. Maybe you have something you would like to tell him.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex


Campaign Inquiries

Stewart for Senate, Inc.
PO Box 7090 Woodbridge, VA 22195

Media Inquiries

Press Inquiries Contact:
Scheduling Contact:
For other inquiries, please email or call 571-989-2759.

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