Don’t #### With Stormy Daniels

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Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels in Penthouse Magazine picture.

Don’t #### With Stormy Daniels

Remember when Stormy Daniels first came out and said she had sex with President Trump and that there was an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)? What did Trump cult followers say? “She’s a lying (fill in the blank).”

President Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen denied everything. Then, they adjusted their campaign forms to reflect the $130,000 payout to Daniels. Then they threatened Daniels’ for breach of contract for disclosing the NDA. Now, Trump’s legal team is arguing that the NDA isn’t valid and thus, the lawsuit filed by Michael Avenatti should be dismissed. A legal move to avoid President Trump sitting for a deposition and being questioned by legal thorn Avenatti. So, who lied again?

Then in Ohio, Daniels was arrested for apparently touching a patron while on stage performing at a strip club as part of her “Make America Horny Again” tour.

It was an undercover bust which reeked political payback by cops that are probably Republican and Trump supporters, or looking to catapult themselves to fame off Daniels’ name. How long before the charges were dismissed? Within twenty-fours. Not even traffic tickets get dismissed that fast.

Now, the Ohio goon squad is under investigation by the FBI. Guess who else? Brett Kavanaugh. Oh, and let’s not forget the President of the United States by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to campaign fraud while implicating the President. And Daniels? Nada. Zilch.

And when it’s not Daniels who is being attacked, it’s “porn lawyer.” WTF kind of nickname is that?

The Republicans, especially those tied into the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to make Michael Avenatti sound like the next Saul Goodman. Let’s be clear: Avenatti’s record in court far supersedes that of the Republicans who were attorneys in a prior life. Where has that gotten them? Nowhere.

Avenatti received a DM (direct message) via tweet from a private school administrator by the name of Butch Groves, who attacked him by calling him an “f-in douchebag” and a “lying piece of s###!” Guess who still has a job and who doesn’t?

I also saw recently a Twitter post by Avenatti, whereby a licensed California attorney who shares the same feelings and attitude as Groves emailed him. I’m sure the California Bar will be looking into that soon enough.

Meanwhile, god only knows how many people are out there trying to find dirt on both of them and guess what, that will get them nowhere.

So, this is what it comes down to. Avenatti has huge cojones. You could continue to try to bully him, but Avenatti knows that bullies are weak deep down inside and bullies only understand one language: bullyism. But, you know who has bigger cojones than Avenatti? Stormy Daniels. She has proven that time and time again.

I’m looking at Daniels’ career choice as are those that oppose her, but we are looking at it from different angles. If you have issues with Daniels, you are looking at her career in porn as a way to pass judgment. I’m looking at Daniels’ career to pass judgment, but in another way. Do you not realize it takes major cojones to not only be a porn star, but to fight the President of the United States head on?

How many of you have the testicular fortitude to do one or the other? How about both at the same time? Yeah, I thought so. This doesn’t take into consideration the constant threats and harassment on social media, nor the death threats that Daniels has received at her home or hotel room(s). Not to mention the stress of a divorce and custody battle. I’ve represented hundreds if not thousands of clients in divorces, and that by itself is highly stressful.

So, let me say it one more time: don’t #### with Stormy Daniels. You will lose in the end because she has bigger balls than you.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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