Doug Collins Hurting Trump’s Attacks on Lisa Page. See the Transcripts and Rachel Maddow’s Response

Doug Collins has taken it upon himself to attack former FBI lawyer Lisa Page’s testimony before the Judiciary Committee by releasing her transcripts.

President Trump of course, continues to state untruths.

First, Trump and Republicans continue to say that Paul Manafort’s conviction proves there was no collusion with Russia.

Fact is, Manafort’s trial was about financial fraud and collusion, a non-legal term, had nothing to do with that.

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Now, Trump is at it with Lisa Page.

“The Lisa Page (FBI) transcript also confirms earlier reporting that Page testified Russian Collusion was still unproven when Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed.” Catherine Herridge, @FoxNews In other words they appointed someone when there was (and is) no crime. Bad!

However, NBC anchor Rachel Maddow explains how if anything, Collins is making the situation worse.

Fact is, Collins borrowing from the Trump playbook, will continue to release information, lie about it, and then hope that supporters accept his version instead of actually reading Page’s transcripts.

“I should mention, when it comes to efforts by Congressional Republicans and the Trump White House to try to fend off the Russia investigation, one of the things happening over the past few days is the top Republican member of the Judiciary Committee … has unilaterally been releasing unredacted transcripts — or almost totally unredacted transcripts — from witnesses that come before that committee for its part of the Russia investigation,” Maddow noted.

“And the transcripts he’s been releasing are from witnesses who the Republicans and the Trump White House and conservative media have been trying to vilify as terrible bad guys somehow in the Russia investigation,” she explained.

“They picked those three — Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr because all of those are people who the Republicans and the White House and conservative media have vilified, tried to turn into terrible, terrible bad guys because of their roles in the Russia investigation.”

“But now this congressman from Georgia, Doug Collins, has decided that unilaterally what he’s going to do — to stick it to the Democrats — is he’s going to release the whole transcripts from these witnesses,” she noted.

“And I know why he’s doing it, but I’m not sure he’s thought it through,” she explained.

Maddow noted that, “now have the whole transcripts to read — and the whole transcripts definitely don’t help their case when it comes to trying to make people like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr look like bad guys.”

Rep. Ted Lieu also summarized it nicely.

Today is Wednesday. That means @realDonaldTrump is making stuff up, again. Both Lisa Page & Bruce Ohr gave testimony last year to GOP controlled Judiciary Committee. Why did GOP not release the transcripts then? Because their testimony did not help Trump. #WednesdayThoughts

Maddow’s review of the transcripts is available below.

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