Early Voting in Florida- Locations

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Early Voting in Florida- Locations

Early voting in Florida has kicked off, and it is a good idea to get out and vote now, instead of waiting for election day.

For one, we can expect record numbers of voters coming out. That will only complicate things for you at the voting booths and besides, you never know if there is an emergency at work that may prevent you from voting that day.

I also recommend early voting for one simple reason: hacking. Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe that Russians or a 400 lb. man is meddling in our elections, but it is the truth.

Florida as of lately, has been in the national spotlight because of Senator Bill Nelson’s statements that some Florida counties have already been hacked.

And truthfully, there are already confirmed reports that Russians have hacked into our power grids. Now think of that. Russia would not need to hack into our voting system if they are able to disrupt voting by controlling power grids. Just think of the chaos it will create.

In addition, one of the concerns with hacking the elections is deleting voter rolls or even changing names on the ballots or that of the voters.


So, get out and vote. The sooner the better.

For a list of early voting location and times, follow this link to the Florida Division of Elections.

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