Effective Immediately -David Pecker the National Enquirer

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David Pecker- National Enquirer and President Donald J. Trump. Photo credit- HUFFPOST Getty/AP

Effective Immediately -David Pecker the National Enquirer

Everything that President Trump touches, turns to ####!

Next on the list, David Pecker, the former chairman of America Media, Inc. the parent company of tabloid newspaper The National Enquirer.


Pecker has an immunity deal with Robert Mueller and was heard in a recording with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen discussing a payoff to former Playboy Model Karen McDougal.

In the same week that Cohen accepted a plea deal, it was only a few days later that it became public knowledge that Pecker had been working with Mueller. To the extent we don’t know, but at a minimum his immunity deal has to be in relation to his dealings with Cohen.

But, Pecker isn’t alone. Dylan Howard, a top executive was also granted immunity.

The only question that remains is what juicy information is in the safe that Pecker kept.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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