Election Coverage 2018

Election Coverage 2018

russia hacking utilities, department of homeland security

Russia Going After Our Power Grids

Now, Russia is taking chaos to the next step according to the Department of Homeland Security. Next on the list- power grids!

trump on putin lap

Will Russia Hack Our Elections Again

It’s no secret that Russia hacked our election, and that has been confirmed by our intelligence community, even though President Trump denies those results and has at times flip-flopped on his answer depending on the situation.


how did russian hacking affect the election

They’re Heeeeerrrreeee!

Just like death and taxes, we knew this day was coming and with the mid-term elections around the corner, the Poltergeist of the 2016 election is haunting us once again. 


countries in tpp,President trump is gaslighting america

President Trump Fears the Blue Wave is Already Here

The Blue Wave is Coming in November, but truth be told, after Trump’s tweet today, it’s already here. How do we know that? Because it’s the “rigged system” argument all over again, but now in reverse.

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