Elizabeth Warren ID- American Indian. The Hypocrisy Begins

I can see it now. More derogatory racist jokes from President Trump calling Senator Warren “Pocahontas.”

Maybe President Trump can say that again in front of elder tribesman that are veterans of war as he claimed to have “bone spurs” to skip the draft. The same “bone spurs” that seem to have zero effect on his golf swing. By the way, when asked in an interview which foot had the bone spurs, he didn’t know.

The fact that Senator Warren has apologized to the Cherokee nation and they have accepted and yet, Trump continues to insult them…

In her registration card for the State Bar of Texas, Senator Warren identified herself as an “American Indian.” Expect President Trump and the right to jump all over this.

The Tribal Nation had said that culture and sovereignty were just as important as blood and that DNA tests did not confer the rights of tribal citizenship to Senator Warren.

Everybody gets that. Everyone agrees with that, including Senator Warren.

Senator Warren had said over and over again that family stories passed from generation to generation said she had Native American and/or American Indian ancestry.

Her DNA results proved that, but far removed several generations back. She never said she was a first or second generation American Indian and some tribal nations require at least 1/16th. Here is a good Wikipedia article on blood quantum laws.

But, here’s the thing. Pay off a porn star in Stormy Daniels and have a year long affair with former Playboy model Karen McDougal and not one peep from the right as Melania, his third wife just gave birth to their son, Barron.

Fake conservatives and/or Trump cult followers argue they didn’t vote for Trump because of his personal life. Well, I don’t think anyone was voting for Warren because of her ancestry. To be honest, no one really cares, except for President Trump.

The right will argue well she lied about that, so she can’t be trusted. Okay, not really a winning argument, but regardless, how many lies a day does Trump do? He doubled the amount of lies in 2018, up to fourteen per day. But, silence from the right.

President Trump lied about his connections to Russia, nothing. It’s either hypocrisy from the right or racism and prejudices against Native Americans, maybe a combination of both because there is no other logical explanation as to the continuous insults of “Pocahontas.”

The right will argue she benefited from saying she was American Indian by getting a job at Harvard. That’s fake news, but regardless, President Trump benefited from skipping out on $400 million on inheritance taxes.

And speaking of taxes, Friday the House votes on steps to obtain President Trump’s tax returns.

Alexander Hernandez
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