Eric Trump is Involved

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Eric Trump with his brother, Donald, Jr. Photograph By Paul Morigi/Wireimage.

Eric Trump is Involved

Breaking news since this has never been reported before. Apparently, President Trump’s son, Eric, had a hand in the Stormy Daniels’ payoff.

We already know that Donald Trump, Jr. had spoken with the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the infamous Trump Tower meeting and there’s a 99% chance he lied under oath. But when it comes to Eric Trump, I’ve always considered odd how he didn’t seem involved in anything, until now.

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Trump requested Eric to get together with former attorney Michael Cohen. Even outside counsel retained by President Trump confirmed that Eric made the request for arbitration in the Daniels’ lawsuit and was involved in drafting a statement to the media.

What this does is put another family member involved into Trump’s dealings. That could be enough for Robert Mueller to request an interview or subpoena on Eric Trump and see what he knew and didn’t know about the Trump Tower meeting.

In addition, remember that Michael Cohen has been speaking with Robert Mueller’s team and if Cohen mentions Eric, there is no doubt he may pursue investigating him as well, if he isn’t already.

What would be interesting is that Eric is definitely far removed from President Trump’s administration, which means with the benefit of hindsight, Eric may plead the Fifth, something Donald Trump, Jr. didn’t do when speaking with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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