Even Jerome Corsi Wants Roger Stone to STFU

Once BFF’s and now enemies, Jerome Corsi wants to silence Roger Stone with a gag order.

Corsi has already accused Stone of deliberately trying to give him a heart attack so that he wouldn’t testify.

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Now Corsi filed a motion requesting that Stone shut up because per Corsi, Stone should pay for “attempting to smear, defame, and discredit, tamper and threaten Dr. Corsi so that when Dr. Corsi is called as a witness, the jurors will have a false impression of Dr. Corsi as a liar, perjurer, and alcoholic.”

The funny thing is these two will end up bankrupting each other. Stone has been complaining for months about his financial situation.

At one point selling rocks signed by him.

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And just recently at a book signing in Boca Raton, Florida, Stone was complaining about having to sell his car and losing health insurance because of the costs of his defense.

Apparently, Stone is also loading up on pb & j sandwiches.

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“It is clear that Defendant Stone’s strategy will be to use the media and publicity to argue his case and to try to get public sentiment on his side, as well as to tamper with witnesses like Dr. Corsi,” the brief continued.

Corsi’s request is for the judge to issue the gag order and prevent Stone from “making statements to the media or in public settings that pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case and which in the context of Stone himself and in their ferocity also amount to witness tampering.”

Stone continues to defend his public statements as a way to raise money for his legal defense.

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