F### Roger Stone and the Pre-Dawn Raid

Distract. Distract. Or as Roger Stone would say: “admit to nothing. Deny everything. Counter-attack.”

Only in Trump’s world of ignorance would all of a sudden the FBI become the issue because they raided Stone’s house at 6 a.m. The fact that Stone has been spreading vicious rumors for more than four decades on political foes and destroying lives, who cares.

The fact that Stone was an intermediary between Russia, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks and Trump’s campaign, who cares. But raid Stone’s house at 6 a.m. as the FBI shows up in full body armor and the world of MAGA cult followers go berserk!

We are living in different times in case you haven’t noticed. In times where a President can insult everyone that he disagrees with, spew absurd conspiracy theories, lie a dozen times a day, and publicly go after his political foes and everyone is concerned how a traitor to the United States that tampered with our Presidential elections was arrested? WTF is wrong with you people?

Roger Stone is the first one bashing the Mueller investigation and continues to do so. But, he wasn’t so tough as prior reporting said that he could not sleep on Thursday nights waiting for the knock on the door to come.

Maybe if Stone wasn’t such an ass####, he could have gotten the same treatment as Michael Cohen. It’s called political KARMA, a term I keep using.

If Mueller and the FBI were concerned that Stone was going to destroy evidence and needed the element of surprise, so be it. Let’s not forget that Jerome Corsi got his step-son busted based on a text message that said his computer had been “scrubbed.”

And if Mueller did what is perfectly legal to do and convey a message along the way, so be it. There’s a reason I sleep like a baby come Thursday night and don’t worry about Mueller kicking down my door.

If I were charged with witness tampering and made numerous threats to you, would you accept a pre-dawn raid?

What if I called you “rat” and a “stoolie” and threatened to take your dog that is your therapy dog and you needed your dog with you when you testified before the grand jury? I love dogs. My dogs are my kids and I wouldn’t take those threats lightly.

Better yet, what if I emailed you “prepare to die cock sucker.”

That’s exactly what Roger Stone has done before with Jerome Corsi and I’ve written about that in a prior blog months ago and that was even listed on page 20 of Mueller’s indictment. Sounds like a threat to me to a potential witness.

Stone is lucky that’s the worst of it because no doubt in the old days before cameras and viral videos, he would have bumped his head a few times entering into the FBI squad car or tripped and fell, hitting himself with the bumper of the car. Just ask any old school cop.

Alexander Hernandez
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