Facebook and Election Meddling Again

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Facebook and Election Meddling Again

This is the fourth time in a week that I write about Russia and election meddling, and the reason why is simple; it’s still going on. Actually, it’s getting worse since Russia has U.S. power grids in their crosshairs.

Facebook announced they discovered “sophisticated” efforts to undermine the upcoming midterm elections. Facebook hasn’t publicly stated it was Russia and has left that determination up to law enforcement.

In total, there were thirty-two fake Facebook and Instagram accounts that were deleted by Facebook. One of the accounts had 300,000 followers. Facebook did comment that more steps were taken to hide the identities of the profiles, meaning they are getting more sophisticated at their craft.

Some of the groups were called “Aztlan Warriors,” ”Black Elevation,” ”Mindful Being,” and “Resisters.” As typical, an opposition rally is organized at the same place and time.

Ads started in April of 2017, and approximately $11,000 was spent on one hundred fifty ads.

Meanwhile, back in Trump Land, President Trump has been saying from day one of his presidency that this is a “hoax,” even insulting the U.S. Intelligence Community before the whole world at his Summit with Putin.

Last week, Trump started tweeting that Russians are meddling to help the Democrats, which makes no sense, but, it’s his way of hiding the fact that he expects a loss in the mid-term elections and since the President never loses, he has to explain how with a lie.

At last count per the Washington Post this morning, the President has a lied a total of 4,229 times in 558 days.

Even Vice President Pence agrees that Russia meddled in our elections.

“The fact is Russia meddled in our 2016 elections. That’s the unambiguous judgment of our intelligence community. We accept the intelligence community’s conclusion.”

No comment from Facebook or Vice-President Pence in the search of the 400 lb. man that hacks from his bed.

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