Felix Sater Scheduled to Testify

Recently, a video tape deposition of President Trump appeared where he said that if Felix Sater stood in front of him, he wouldn’t recognize him. This presents a simple problem for Trump.

Sater is a Russian born businessman and convicted felon with close ties to President Trump. He has an office on the same floor as the President in Trump Tower and it is believed that Sater doesn’t even pay rent for his office.

Sater and Trump have been involved in multiple real estate deals and Sater was also involved with Michael Cohen in the Trump Tower in Moscow deal. Sater’s company is known as Bayrock Group.

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Now, this presents a problem for President Trump because in a deposition one is under oath. That could lead to a perjury charge.

My original post stated that Sater was set to testify for March 14, but now it has been pushed back to March 27. As more information becomes available, I’ll continue to provide updates.

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