First Amendment

First Amendment

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CNN and Jim Acosta Beat Trump in Court Again

CNN filed for an emergency hearing against President Trump when they were notified that Jim Acosta’s hard pass would be revoked again. Once the lawsuit was filed, the White House assured Acosta’s credentials would be reinstated.



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CNN’s Jim Acosta is Back

Federal Judge Timothy Kelly, appointed by President Trump, rules in favor of CNN and Jim Acosta, allowing for Acosta to return to the White House.


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No First Amendment Protection for Neo Nazi

Neo Nazi website Daily Stormer, founded by Andrew Anglin, loses First Amendment argument.


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Lawyer that Didn’t Want to Work for Trump Now Sues Him

Theodore Olson who didn’t want to represent President Trump in the Robert Mueller probe, is now representing Jim Acosta in his lawsuit against Trump.


alexander hernandez, jim acosta sues trump, jim acosta doctored video

CNN- Jim Acosta Sue Trump

CNN has filed a lawsuit for violation of Jim Acosta’s First Amendment rights.

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Free Press = Bomb Threat for the Boston Globe

While I keep saying that the President’s attack on the media will one day end badly, meaning a mass shooting, the Boston Globe received a bomb threat. Of course, the same day as their initiative and renewed attacks on the media by Dictator Trump. So much for a free press.



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The President That Knows More Than the New Jersey “Generals” is Back

Football season is here, which means hot dogs, a cooler full of cold beer, tailgating, and the President protesting about NFL athletes taking a knee.

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