First Lady Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump

News and stories related to FLOTUS, Melania Trump.


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Not You too, Melania

First lady Melania Trump is on the fake news bandwagon. Did you expect anything different? Melania’s hypocrisy is only outdone by Trump’s.


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If you are anything like me, you feel frustration and at times disappointment with First Lady Melania Trump. But, should we?



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A Melania Trump Divorce

Why hasn’t Melania filed for divorce?



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First Lady Speaks Out Against Cyberbullying

Only in bizarro world or the Trump Administration, same difference, do you see First Lady Melania on the opposite side of the spectrum as the President.



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Hypocrite President Trump and Chain Migration

President Trump, who hates anything that give immigrants a pathway to residency or U.S. citizenship, has been outspoken against chain migration, exactly the procedure that First Lady Melania’s parents took advantage of in their path towards citizenship.


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Melania Trump’s Presidential Bitch Slap

If Trump saw the interview on CNN, which he claims is “fake news” and doesn’t watch it, then I guess CNN was right: Melania must have been in control of the remote last night. We have all heard that when you hit the President, he hits harder. No doubt, Melania hits harder and louder.

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