First Witness for the Defense- Nobody

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Paul Manafort/Rick Gates Picture Composite NBC news

First Witness for the Defense- Nobody

Paul Manafort’s legal defense team started their case Tuesday by also ending it. Not one single witness will testify on behalf of the defense, including Manafort, and that comes as no surprise. In a complicated financial fraud case such as this one, Manafort would not have survived cross-examination by Mueller’s legal team.

From here, it is straight to closing arguments and then Manafort’s life will be in the hands of the jurors. The attorneys for Manafort will have to depend on how effectively they cross-examined twenty-seven witnesses, especially Rick Gates, Manafort’s former business partner.

Closing arguments begin today starting at 9:30 a.m. Judge Ellis requested that both sides keep it under two hour each.

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