Flip Flopper Senator Lindsey Graham

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From “jackass” to “we got your back.” Senator Lindsey Graham. AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Flip Flopper Senator Lindsey Graham

What can I say about Senator Lindsey Graham? One minute he has us fooled as the one ready to fight President Trump, and five minutes later he’s protecting Trump.

President Trump’s Target

President Trump by far, would be the worst poker player in history. He telegraphs his next move like a nervous tick, and his latest attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions is political payback for Sessions recusing himself from the Mueller probe.

President Trump will do anything to get rid of and fire Mueller, he just doesn’t know how as he feels the walls of impeachment closing in on him.

Now, Senator Graham is here to lend a helping hand by willing to take one for the team by publicly stating for the President to replace Sessions. Get rid of Sessions, replace him with a flunky that will fire Rod Rosenstein and then fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“We need an attorney general that can work with the president, that can lead the Department of Justice.” Senator Graham interview with NBC Today.

That’s keyword for “we need someone as corrupt as the President to protect us all.”

I’ve said it before and will say it again; I’m not a fan of Jeff Sessions, but, we can all agree he is not corrupt. Only in Trump Bizarro World can Democrats and Liberals now cheer for Sessions.

Senator Graham did reference this issue but said any confirmation hearing, the appointee would have to confirm they will be recused from the investigation. Note to Senator Graham- he could say that at the confirmation hearing and change his mind a week later. We’ve already seen worse with the Trump administration.

“You have to replace him with somebody who is highly qualified and will commit to the Senate to allow Mueller to do his job.”

“This is a dysfunctional relationship. We need a better one. Is there somebody who is highly qualified that has the confidence of the president, [and] will also understand their job is to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Yes, I think we can find that person after the election if that is what the president wants.”

Speaking of dysfunctional.

“I’m not asking him to be fired, but the relationship is not working. To replace him, you have to replace him with somebody who is highly qualified and will commit to the Senate to allow Mueller to do his job.” 

Read between the lines. Senator Graham is saying “fire Sessions. We got your back.”

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