Florida GOP Fraudster Melissa Howard is Out

Florida GOP Melissa Howard. florida gop debate
GOP Candidate for Florida House of Representatives, Melissa Howard posing with a fake diploma from Miami University in Ohio.

Florida GOP Fraudster Melissa Howard is Out

Melissa Howard was seeking the GOP nomination in Florida’s House of Representatives. However, when reports came out that she was lying about her educational background, what does she do to prove otherwise? Well, just look at the pic above.

Yes, Howard actually took a photo with a fake diploma.

Now, Howard is calling it quits, withdrawing from the 73rd District race. By the way, I don’t know who is in the picture with her, but if that is her mother, even more shame on her if she knew. Disgusting behavior to already start a campaign with such a bold face lie.

Howard was outed when she posted the pic of her and the fake diploma from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

A spokeswoman for the university contacted the Huffington Post and said it did not appear to be a valid diploma. She later confirmed that while Howard did attend the university, she never graduated.

Howard could face criminal charges. I’m also curious to know from where and how she got a fake diploma.

“I made a terrible error in judgement. I am thankful for everyone who gave so much toward my success, and I am deeply sorry.” Melissa Howard.

If she is really sorry, she should return every penny she received during the campaign to those that donated.

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