Florida’s Legislature Idea to Reduce the Divorce Rate

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In 2018 in the state of Florida, there were 156,168 marriages. As we have learned, half of those marriages have or will end in divorce. How do we stop divorces or at least slow it down? Well, the Florida legislature has an idea.

Estimates are that divorces cost Florida taxpayers nearly $2 billion, directly and indirectly. Copying what is done already in five other states, Florida is hoping mandatory reading of a guide will reduce the number of divorces. Sounds great, but honestly, unrealistic. Trust me, I’ve read plenty of books on golf, it hasn’t helped. And after 20 years of practicing family law, I’ve never reached the conclusion that reading a marital guide would have helped my clients. Common sense on the other hand would have.

What would help clients is a guide on how to behave during divorce so time, money, and energy isn’t wasted on nonsense which at the end of the day only hurts the spouses and children, if any.

So far the bill has cleared House and Senate committees. Republican Rep. Dennis Baxley is the sponsor of the bill.

The idea is to have the Clerks of Court post the publication on their websites and hand out copies when available. My question, how do we handle the politicians that get caught cheating on their spouses? If that happens which it will, it basically proves the guide is useless.

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