Florida’s Race for Governor 

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Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis- Florida’s Governor’s Race


Florida’s Race for Governor 

The primaries for Florida are over. For the Democrats, you have the mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum and for the Republicans Ron DeSantis.

Democrat Andrew Gillum

Mayor Gillum who is backed by Senator Bernie Sanders, is an African-American progressive and potentially the first black governor of Florida.

Mayor Gillum beat out Rep. Gwen Graham from Orlando. She is the daughter of former Governor of Florida and Senator Bob Graham.



Republican Ron DeSantis

For the Republicans it is Ron DeSantis who is backed by President Trump and campaigned for DeSantis recently in Tampa, Florida. More on this racist POS later. No, not Trump, DeSantis.

Rep. Ron DeSantis beat Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam.

It’s reported when DeSantis won, the crowd at his victory party was chanting “Trump.” Hence, the term RINO that I wrote about yesterday.


The president tweeted last night supporting DeSantis.

“Such a fantastic win for Ron DeSantis and the people of the Great State of Florida. Ron will be a fantastic Governor. On to November!”

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