For the People Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris launched her 2020 bid for the White House Sunday in Oakland, California.

“My whole life, I’ve had only one client: The People,” Harris said at the rally approximately one mile from the courthouse where here career started as a prosecutor.

At her campaign rally, Harris criticized President Trump’s border wall and his immigration policies on family separation.

“On the subject of transnational gangs, let’s be perfectly clear. The president’s medieval vanity project is not going to stop them.”

“When we have children in cages crying for their mothers and fathers, don’t you dare call that border security. That’s a human rights abuse! And that’s not our America!” she declared.

Harris’ platform includes Medicare for all, criminal justice reform, universal pre-kindergarten education, women’s rights and a middle-class tax cut.

“We are here because the American dream and our American democracy are under attack and on the line like never before,’’ Harris said. “And we are here at this moment in time because we must answer a fundamental question: ‘Who are we? Who are we as Americans?’ So, let’s answer that question to the world and each other, right here and right now: ‘America, we are better than this.’’’

Alexander Hernandez
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